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i wish people in the uk would get their heads out of the sand and realize people are going to freeze to death this year.

HELLO humans of Mastodon! It’s great to be here. Ask Me anything! I’m so happy to be free of billionaire nazis, I’m going to ANSWER ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS.
#riptwitter #twittermigration #news #askgod

one thing i dont enjoy about the its all over the place. some dont even have a working guide on how to create an instance even the docker versions are all over the place its not set up in a way that the average user can just do it. all the nginx proxy settings are different and dont work. for a verse its crippled itself worse than the dc universe

Meshuggah got just a new music video out, and it's AI-generated. These visuals really fit the band and would certainly make Giger proud. #metal

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